BookGig – User personalisation, complete UX overhaul

BookGig UX

One of my major projects at HarperCollins UK was to completely overhaul the UX of its innovative literary events platform – BookGig, a platform designed to serve a “one-stop” portal for consumers to learn more about the book based events happening around them across the UK.

This included a complete refresh of the site as the original navigation was not optimised for mobile, which created an incredibly static and unwieldy UX which required an extremely high level of manual content curation and editing.

Previously, the only way consumers could access information was to search the exact name of an event in precisely the correct area of the website.

the original BookGig site with its extremely limited functionality and poor UX
the improved BookGig site using a React JS interface

The original site was dull and unresponsive, with the feel of an unfinished pilot project and limited functionality.

Working closely with specialist developers at Lab19 I led my team to totally overhaul the BookGig site with a new React JS interface.

In less than 6 months it became; mobile optimised, attractive, fully re-flowable, engaging and easy to use – and so successful that HarperCollins UK were able to sell the site and its underlying IP to TheBookseller.

the trailer for the overhauled BookGig website.

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