🏳️‍🌈Pride🏳️‍⚧️ is … – thoughts on LGBTQ+ Pride month 2021

#Pride is a protest…It’s many other things, a celebration, festivals, marches a chance increasingly for many corporations and orgs to try and leverage their inclusive credentials or commercialise them to make us *feel* like they support us. It’s often cynical and performative

We as one global #LGBTQ+ community have to remember that our hard fought rights and improved safety are germinative, in many countries we are still actively oppressed and demonised.

Here in 🇬🇧, while significantly more fortunate the tone and actions of our govt are worryingly hostile.

Whatever your personal politics, the fact our so-called “Equalities Minister” .@trussliz has sided with bigots who harm #LGBTQ community repeatedly over listening or delivering – refusing to #banconversiontherapy now vilifying our respected charities such as @stonewalluk is scary.

Protests are a spark, a defiant flicker of hope for something else.

Change, progress.

Small flames are delicate they need to be refuelled to last. We have come a long way with #LGBTQ#Pride but there is so much more to do “No Pride for some of us without liberation for all of us”.

The biggest protest about #pride is refusing to accept the shame and prejudices forced upon us. By politicians, religions, families and others – we in the #LGBTQ community are a kaleidoscope of powerful, creative and beautiful souls and people.

Do not apologise for who you are.

#Pride is a Protest #PrideMonth2021